Stepping Out: How to Run With Your Dog

Nothing is better than running with your furry pal, but you and your dog may need some basic training before you're ready to lace up and leash up. Here's what you need to know to get started.

Are Tiny Dogs Harder to Train? Debunking the Myth of Small Dog Syndrome

Small dogs are not harder to train, but there are a few tips and tweaks that can make your training partnership easier.

In Praise of Boring Dog Walks

Socialization isn’t just teaching your dog to be unafraid of new things or making sure they get time playing with other dogs. It is equally important that they be able to walk down the street and ignore strangers and other dogs.

Forget Perfection: Canine Choices Your Dog Will Thank You For

Giving your dog choices is a powerful way to make their life better.

A gigantic cat toy for training and tiring out your high energy dog? Yes, please!

"Flirt poles" have long been popular with dog trainers, but with many of us stuck at home, this interactive dog toy is a good solution for owners looking to keep their dogs occupied and entertained.

Stop Talking to Your Dog

Chatting with your dog is totally normal. But during training or when out on walks, sometimes shutting your mouth is the best way to speak so they will listen.

Go Virtual and Save Your Dog Training Business

People are adopting and fostering dogs in record numbers for comfort and company during the Coronavirus pandemic. While dog training is not considered an “essential business” during this lockdown, all those newly adopted pets still need training.

10 Things Every Dog Foster Needs to Know

During these crazy coronavirus days, animal lovers across the country have stepped up to foster dogs and ease the burden on shelters and rescues. Rescue dogs often come with unique challenges and needs, so here are some straightforward tips about fostering a dog.